Get A Body to Body Massage In Nairobi CBD

Body to Body massage Nairobi

With the many types of massage out there, it easy to confuse, but a body to body massage is always a great option.
There’s facial massage, fully body massage, head massage, foot massage .. but what the hell is a body to body massage??

The short answer is that a body to body massage means that both the masseuse and the person receiving a massage are naked. Both their bodies will be oiled and then the masseuse will rub their body on the recipient – they will literally use their full naked body to deliver the massage. Some variants of this make use of soap instead of oil.

Some people think that a body to body massage is awesome! Others think that it is immoral.
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The origins of the modern body to body massage are unclear. However, strong evidence seems to suggest that body to body massaging evolved from Thai massage techniques.

What do you think of this type of massage?

Some locations which offer body to body massage are: